“Photojournalism is rooted in the consciousness and consciences of its practitioners. The torch of concern, a heritage of humanistic photography, has been passed from generation, lighting the corners of darkness, exposing ignorance, and helping us to understand the human behavior. It bares the truth and sometimes it lies. It informs, educates, and enlightens us about the present, and it illuminates the past. It records beauty and ugliness, poverty and opulence.” Howard Chapnick, Truth Needs No Ally

I am a New York-based photographer and photo editor. I currently serves as a photo editor on the Greater New York desk of The Wall Street Journal. Prior to joining The Journal, I was a master’s student in photojournalism at the University of Missouri. I have worked as a photographer and photo editor at The Columbia Missourian, The Gazette Newspaper (Md.) and The Standard Observer (Pa.). I have a BFA from Ohio Wesleyan University and am a Pittsburgh native with a penchant for mid-century design.

c: 202-641-0868